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Reader Testimonials for Awakened & Darkness
(Azamaté Chronicles)

Erika Knudsen’s plots immediately capture the reader. Her character’s humanity and their foibles rip you along the pages causing you to hold your breath in hope, while your pulse races in desperation for the good magick to win over the evil. Knudsen portrays a knack for making the old new in her story-telling and believable characters. Delve into her dark genre with a good reading lamp, a supply of snacks, a comfy reading spot and you’ll find yourself entertained while minutes and hours disappear.

* Rusti L Lehay. Professional writer/editor, co-author of Eyeing the Magpie, and published poet/short story author.

It was really well written. I was very intrigued by who Josef really was from the start, so it kept me going and that is likely why I read it so quickly.

*Cassie L.

Erika Knudsen’s writing style is all her own. There are a lot of writers out there in the vampire genre, but hers is as individual as her fingerprint. She has the reader gripped at the first page and her literary adventures make it a thrill to grab her book and settle in. The story of Deirdra in Beyond the Threshold of Death, and Resurrected, is an intertwining of vampirism, relationships and history. But with Awakened, Erika has really changed gears. It is a roller coaster to read and is a window into her world as the story of Awakened winds its way into Paganism and the paranormal. A recommended read for all who loves the paranormal.

*C. O’Bannon

You're bad! How dare you hold me to your book, the way you have?! I had to limit myself to only one chapter a day 'till I got to the last page. I didn't want to finish the book in one sitting, and I didn't want to put it down and walk away either. You had me at page one and kept me. Even after I turned the back cover, you still had me. What a beautiful write. Please continue the saga. This is your best book yet. I will tell everyone of this. I'm very happy to have had the chance to read this. Just Beautiful!

*Darold Kauz

I just finished Darkness... This one was so good I had a hard time putting it down, especially towards the end. I was really surprised and didn't see the ending coming. Loved it!

*Cassie L.

I wanted to write to you about when I first met you back in November at Chapters in West Edmonton Mall. I was looking for a book to read and I am a person that enjoys reading but has a hard time finding a book that keeps my attention to finish it from beginning to end. With reading your Azamate' Chronicles (Awakened & Darkness), it really kept my attention and interest. This is the kind of stuff I like to read and I can't wait to see what you come out with next!


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Vampire Saga

...I loved that that these vampires stuck to the cannon. These vamps were very sexual in nature with men and women, and took blood from either sex. Loved the growth of Dee through out the story because she grew and changed over time. I understood her loss of humanity and family. I also understood her desire to have a child. Best line: Love must be tasted , but never savored. In our darkest moments, we may envy mortality but never should we aspire to it. Review done by Julie at Blog with Bite This book was a great read, I am just not sure whether I liked it or loved it. This is a story set in the 1800's which is different for me because I do not usually like historical reading but this was good...

*Review done by Kristen Hashkins at My Bookish Fairy Tale

I wasn't sure if I would like vampire stories or not, with the craze that occurred with the Twilight series I was turned off a little. With all that being said, I really, really liked your book!! ...I will say there was a few times when I blushed... But you did a great job with the balance of sexy and entertaining... I read the story easily and it flowed together very well... It was not at all what I expected from a vampire story, and I really liked the way she struggled with needing blood to survive and the guilt of killing... I look forward to the next book, I will be getting it on my nook, maybe tonight.

*Megan N.

I liked the way we saw a female vampire as the main character. I have not seen this [before]... You tug the readers heartstrings in just the right way that you can feel Deirdra's pain and suffering...

*R. Shaughnessy

I read your book and thought it was really good. My mom read it as well and now she wants to get the second book. I think Beyond the threshold of death was probably one of the better ones that I have read. You've really changed the outlook of vampires. M. Sheldon Your book (Resurrected) was spooky. It set you in a mood of Deirdra's life and then you put her into more chillin' situations ... I had a small nightmare on coffins, castles and dark country roads. Your imagination is trés cool!


The first one grabbed my attention, the second one surpassed my expectations! I loved it!

*T. Himmelsbach

...The emotions you put into the characters and everything is downright perfect! The cover is beautiful and really expressive of what your book entails. It was captivating and the unity from the last book carries through to this one [Resurrected] which is a major score! M. Sheldon Erika's beautiful prose lures you through every chapter and leaves you wanting more... Delicious through to the last drop! Tina S. ...I met her this afternoon at Chapters in West Edmonton Mall... and I can't express how glad I am to have picked up Beyond The Threshold Of Death and Resurrected. I couldn't put them down on my ride home, they're so good!

*Chelsey G.

This mesmerizing novel (Monarchy Of Blood) has a dark flavour that makes it a fitting addition to Erika's vampire saga, and connecting it to the Azamaté Chronicles is inspiring. Stone's growing understanding and acceptance of his nature compliments the dire threats faced by the family at La Maison Chantonnay and makes this book a definite page-turner. Definitely enjoyed and recommended for anyone looking for a 'good read. Kathryn K. Monarchy of Blood is a great read, dark and gritty yet somehow still sweet and tender. A perfect addition to the series, as always, Erika's setting descriptions and wonderful character development make it easy for the reader to imagine it all happening for real. Five stars!!

*Joe W

There is a strange magical quality to her writing style: spell binding, mesmerizing, captivating and mystifying. With glorious imagination and a keen perception, she weaves a mythical tale that keeps the reader riveted and begging for more... This promising and gifted new author is certain to prosper as she climbs the literary ladder to success.

*Night Shade 'Zine

The author presents an interesting new twist to the macabre world of vampires. This strange dark world of the living dead had been traditionally seen as one of the ultimate horrors, as portrayed by Dracula, the unfeeling monster who fed upon the blood of his innocent victims. Erika Knudsen, however, portrays the world of vampires in a different light. While not denying that they are basically evil, she portrays them as having feelings of love and caring for one another and for selected mortals. This work is well written and shows the author had spent a lot of time and research in this genre. She had demonstrated great ability in creating an interesting plot line as we follow Deirdra's decision to join this ghoulish world of the living dead, then wrestle with her conscience to deal with what is required for survival as a creature of the night. It is a novel well worth reading for those of you who enjoy or are curious about this particular genre.

*Eric J. Brown Magnolia Press

...I read your (Beyond The Threshold Of Death) story with much interest. Your idea of making the vampires somewhat vulnerable gave a nice twist to the story...

*J.D. Mis Peppercorn Press INC.