Fading into fall…

Since it’s pretty much fall, I have finally decided to post about events that had happened in the spring. Only makes sense, right? Ha! Well, first off the book launch for Darkness was a great success! Perks Coffeehouse was a wonderful little place (I have such a soft spot for coffeehouses, love ’em), they were very accommodating and friendly. If you had missed the launch of Darkness, you can watch what went down here; Perks did a nice wee video of the event.

If I remember correctly, it was only a week or so later that I headed to the Calgary Fan Expo. This was my second time there promoting my books. What made this time special for me was the fact that I, along with fellow author Matthew Gillies, hosted a panel. I was nervous, but I think it went well. I was delighted to see that there were people waiting in line to listen to our panel. We were even asked questions! It was an exhilarating experience, and as always, a learning experience as well.  If you’d like to see how the panel went down, you can check it out here.

My veiw during the panel.

My veiw during the panel. With the nerves, I forgot to take a pic of my name card. lol

Now that September is just around the corner, I’m on the countdown for the Edmonton Fan Expo. I’m excited to say that both Matthew and I were asked to do a panel there as well! Yay! If you’d like to come and say hi if you too are going to be there, my booth number is 701.

Over the next few months I’ll be busy with various author engagements/book signings and I’ve begun plotting the fourth installment for the vampire saga. I have also started writing a new story. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and will be attempting to write a dystopian universe tale. I am very excited about this. There will still be some supernatural elements to it, but it will be very different from both the Vampire Saga and the Azamate’ Chronicles. Here’s to hoping it’s something that my fan base will be excited for also. 😉

Catch y’all on the flipside.

Keep on reading… keep on writing!

Darkness is here…

First off, holy hell, time sure has flown by since my last post! The last few months have been crazy busy with life in general, along with getting Darkness ready for launch. I’m excited to say that on Tuesday March 31st, it was released world wide (ebook)!! You can find it at Amazon or Smashwords. The paper back version will be available by April 11th for the public. However, I get to pick them up from the printers on the 6th, and I can’t wait to see them!photo

My other exciting news, which is so exciting that it actually makes me nauseous and causes my stomach to flip-flop, its that good, is: I will be a panellist at the upcoming Calgary Fan Expo, alongside fellow author Matthew Gillies!! *insert shocked face here* Yes! I know right?! I’m still in shock. It’s a good shock, but shock nonetheless.

What will we be talking about, you ask? Well, here’s the general idea:

“Have you ever wondered what results when indie authors pursue self-publishing? Indie Horror and Dark Fantasy authors Erika Knudsen and Matthew Gillies share their trials and joys of writing, editing, publishing and marketing self-published novels. With discussions on the writing process, publication and marketing, Knudsen and Gillies share their experiences being self-published authors focusing on a genre that has had a long history and received widespread praise as well as criticism – horror fiction and dark fantasy. ”


Expo Panelists

If you plan on going to the Calgary Expo, I’ll be in the Big Four building and at booth BF3904 selling and signing my books for the whole event, come on by and say hi! And if you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain about writing, publishing or anything in general, come check out our panel!


GISHWHES, VanCon & Overcoming Obstacles

Why hello there stranger(s)! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry to have left you hanging and wondering what is going on in my world, AKA, The Boonies. A lot, and yet, not a lot. The leaves are turning and the apple tree and tomato plants have been picked… although we are being too lazy to dig up the potatoes… Hubby and I will eventually get to them. So what have I been up to as of late, you ask? (or maybe not) I am officially a starving artist once again, well, still, but more starving? I’ve done away with the day job, again, and HAD plans of finishing Darkness before the start of September. Well, sadly, that didn’t happen. Good ol’ Murphy got in the way and changed plans–significatnly! But I’ll get to that. I want to share with you the fun I had during the month of August! If you know me at all, you know that I do this yearly savenger hunt, GISHWHES: Greatest International Savenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen! I have survived all four years now. It is madness, art, great imagination, creativity and… well, did I mention madness? Oh, and did I mention that you should hang your self-consciousness and dignity up on your way out when you go to play with GISH? Yup, it’s that good! *grins* This years hunt brought out some celebrities to boot! Like William Shattner! At first, I was like: HELL NO! This is OUR thing? How dare he infultrate our thing?! It was almost sacgrilige. Okay, maybe that’s going over the top, but really… how were ordinary people supposed to compete with a celebrity who has money–and KNOWS people. Oh well. Once I (sorta) got over that, I actually found it kind of hilarious that he would even want to do GISHWHES. I’m pretty sure he didn’t really know what he was up for! shatnGishHis response to my twitter question was a bit vague, yet not at the same time. GISHWHES for anyone, especially their first year, is very overwhelming! But exhillerating! It’s weird… I admit it. All I know is that I love it and part of me is addicted to the challenge of GISH. To my husband’s dismay, I will probably always be a GISHer. It’s in my blood now. (I blame Misha. lol)

So the beginning of August found me putting puzzles together with mittens on; walking on water, to be the Messiah I knew I always wanted to be; sucking blood from a donut; building a 5 foot nest…. oh, the list goes on! It was an amazing week with my abnosome team mates.

The middle of August sent me to Vancouver again. To yet again a Convention… of Supernatural proportions. Yup, the one and only “Supernatural #VanCon.” This year was pretty amazing, but I have to admit, nothing could top last year when I was able to chat with Robbie Thompson (one of the writers on Supernatural). That was just… I was more nervous to talk with him than the actual stars of the show! I won’t get to into it all, but if you are a Supernatural fan, you should try to go to ANY con, at least once in your life. It’s worth it.

Now it’s the middle of September, and admittedly, I stopped writing. I needed to recover from the bad news I recieved back in mid-July about the event/venue where I was to launch Darkness–it had been cancelled. Since I was helping the local company plan the show, finding entertainment and guest speakers and such (I even had Mark Pellegrino signed on! Yes, I’m that good), I was more then devastated at their news. There are so many things that I learned from this, so I guess it’s not a total loss… but it still stings. With all that looming over me, I went with the wind, had fun during GISHWHES and at VanCon. But as always, my love for writing brings me back to my happy place. No matter how scorned or pissed off I may get at events that are out of my control, I have to learn to let it go. I’ve started to get back at it and I had a funny thought about that, about taking the time off and how it felt to get back to writing. When I opened up the lap top and went to work on my WIP, it sort of felt like going back to an ex-lover where the excitement was still there, but it’s as awkward as hell ’cause you don’t know where to begin! Now I’m back on a schedule, for the most part, and back to writing, re-writing and editing Darkness. It won’t be released in October like was planned, but I’m still hoping for before Christmas. I was almost there, it shouldn’t be too hard to get back on track. *knocks on wood*

Between writing and editing, I’m also counting down the days until I get to go to Edmonton’s Fan Expo to promote my books. It was really amazing last year, so I can only hope for a similar outcome this year. If you are going to be heading to Edmonton Fan Expo, swing on by! I’ll be at booth H02.

Just a few images from my GISHWHES team Misha Satellitibus:

gishDonut 99 Gish2014PotatoCannon-WalkingWater 007 #34 #59 #103 #DeathToNormalcy AKA D2N

On set of Supernatural, hanging with Misha Collins on a dinner cruise and an epic fun photo op from #VanCon.

Hunting2014 017 Hunting2014 004 VanConDay1-2014 050 threesome VanCon 2014

Well this ended up being a long post… guess I was feeling wordy today. Have an abnosome day and remember to enjoy the small things in life!

Keep Calm & Speak Out



I usually don’t post about this sort of thing. Not really. But If you know me, you know that I love animals. I have a fur baby myself, and his name is Nanook. I’ve also done various things to help out both cat and dog shelters of my own accord as well as through Random Acts’ annual event AMOK. However, tonight… Tonight I did something I never thought I would EVER have had the guts to do.

When I came home from work tonight I saw, what I thought at first was a stray dog, running in the middle of the highway. It almost got hit three times! Two native men, who were walking and riding a bike helter-skelter down the highway, managed to get the dog to the side of the road. I had slowed to cross to get into my subdivision, which is where they managed to collect the dog. I came to a stop and watched for a few seconds. Before I knew it the one man began beating on the dog after he shoved it onto its side. And I mean full on punches! I honked my horn hoping it would startle them so they’d stop. It didn’t work. Then the other man got off his bike and started to kick the dog. At that point I got out of my vehicle and yelled at them, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?! Is that even your dog?!” They stopped and stared at me for a bit then started to come over to me. THAT freaked me out and I started walking back to my car. Thankfully an older gentleman was passing by and I told him what was going on. He watched to make sure I was ok. One of the guys came to my window. After saying that they “never did that before” (hitting the dog), “We won’t do that again.” I said to him that I doubted that. I also told him that they cannot do that and to get a collar and leash, and left it at that. He was clearly intoxicated as his speech was slurred. Poor dog. I fear for that animal’s life. I was just vibrating when I got home.

As I write this, I wonder how that dog is. I’m glad I was able to stop the abuse, even if it’s just for as long as I was there. I wish there was more I could have done, but I don’t know what I could have done. I hope to never experience anything like that again!

I give a shout out to HART in Edmonton for all their hard work and dedication with helping those little souls, and many of those souls are sadly rescues from Indian Reserves. It breaks my heart. Remember, we are their voices!

Nerds rule!

My apologies for not blogging about this earlier, but alas, I was exhausted and was given bad news about a death in the family. So that put a damper on sharing how my wee book tour went last month. The Vancouver Fan Expo was first and then the Calgary Expo the weekend right after. Over all? Wonderful experience! Both venues were a first for me. The Calgary Expo was just insane! It was HUGE! I wished I wasn’t a vendor and had time to wander through more. I’ll be going back next year to Calgary, as a vendor (and wishing I was a guest again, lol) next year. It was a very successful adventure for me.

sam-and-II did manage to sneak away from my booth while and saw one panel with the Being Human cast. I also snuck away the day before and had a photo op with Sam Witwer (plays a vampire, Aiden, on Being Human encase you didn’t know.) It’s always a shame that it goes so quick. But nonetheless, super fun. He was very nice and gracious with my, uhm, “request” for the photo.

There were a few things that clicked with me while I was at the Calgary Expo.  Since that was the third one I had been to, (Edmonton’s Fan Expo last September was my first EVER experience at this type of venue with my books) I noticed something that occured at each city. I came to the realization that for my Vampire Saga, people’s first interpretation to what they are about was either: Graphic novel, or YA. My books are not young adult and I always clarify that there IS adult content in the Vampire Saga. I DO NOT want anyone to email me all pissed that their child just read a threesome scene! Ha! So with all that said, I believe it is time to update the look to help showcase what’s between the covers more clearly.

These are just some of the things I learn with being an independent author/publisher. I don’t mind… but now I have to get rid of the old stock before I can sell any new books, which I know I’ll so desperately want to do when the time comes. You will probably be seeing the new covers later this summer!! With that said, you may want to jump on the band wagon and get a copy for cheap. They will also be a special because they will not be in print any longer, making them a collectable item! 😉 If you would like to purchase a book, you can do so HERE.

So, to finish off this post, I will share just a few (there were SO many awesome cosplay people!) photos of what I was entertainted with while at my booth/s.

expo2014-1  expo2014-3  expo2014-5  expo2014-2  expo2014-9  expo2014-8  expo2014-7  expo2014-6


Death To Normalcy

photo(29)On Saturday March 1st, for the third year in a row, I ran AMOK–Annual Melee Of Kidness. It’s organized by The Random Act. You may have heard me speak of them recently. They are who we (myself and OSS Tradeshows) are raising money for during the Eternal Nights vampire ball this coming October. I’m so excited! So much to look forward to this year. But I digress… This year I decided to go more low key in comparison to what I’ve done the two previous years.

I managed to wrangle up a freind who had done GISHWHES with me this past August to run AMOK with me, and I talked my cousin into being my camera man.  With little gift bags filled with Hugs N Kisses, we headed to West Edmonton Mall and we handed them out to those who work in retail. The variety of reactions was great! Most people were very delighted to be recognized. Some where completely shocked that we wanted to do something nice for them and that we asked nothing of them in return. There were also a few people who were just weirded out by the fact we were beign nice. Ha! Over all, it was a great success! You can see us running AMOK 2014 here. If you are curious… AMOK 2012 & 2013.

For those who live in LA, they were able to meet up with Misha Collins (co-founder of Random Acts) and run around with him on Sunday.

AMOKmishaSo, to sum it up briefly… AMOK 2014 was a success, from my experience, to what I’ve seen from other Amokaneers on twitter and Facebook. It’s heartwarming to know that there are so many people who embrace #DeathToNormalcy as much as I do and want to take over the world, one random act of kindness at a time!



Eternal Nights

Dark MasqueradeIf you follow me on twitter, you probably know already. My expertise has been sought out to plan an event that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to host myself: A vampire ball! My dream is coming true, and it’s going to be… awesome! I’m already counting down the days! However, what comes along with that excitement is a wee bit of stress. I’m also going to launch “Darkness,” the second installment in the Azamaté Chronicles. (Awakened is book 1) This will also be a first for me, as it’ll be the largest venue I’ve had a book launch at. My mantra: “I’ll be okay, I’ll be okay… Large crowds don’t scare me… I’ll be okay.” *Faints*

However nervous I may be, I will persevere, and it will be amazing!

Night of Fear Festival is run by OSS Tradeshows who is the host of the Vampire Ball. These two major events is where my book launch is snuggled between. So you can come and enjoy all the spooky wares at the trade show to get you ready for Halloween, enjoy the book launch of “Darkness” and then dance the night away at the Eternal Nights Vampire Ball that is to follow.

PrintThe Basic’s:

When:  Saturday, October 18, 2014

Where:  Edmonton Expo, Hall H (7515 – 118 Ave. Edmonton, AB)

Time:  Live auction and official commencing of Eternal Nights: 8:30 – 9pm. Ball will run until 1am.

The overview:

Eternal Nights Vampire Ball will be a night of gothic elegance hosted by OSS’s Halloween show: “Night of Fear Festival” in Edmonton, our well renowned festival city. Eternal Nights strives to offer its guests the experience of a formal gala with a twist, which will evoke dark romanticism that surrounds the vampire genre.

Each year there will be a theme. This year, being our inaugural ball, we are aiming for a traditional gothic/Victorian styled gala. Eternal Nights is your opportunity to dress in your finest evening or historic attire to let your inner vampire shine. Steampunk, Edwardian, Victorian, black-tie and regal ball gowns are this year’s preferred apparel. No street clothes!

Eternal Nights is not only about dancing the night away. There will also be captivating performances, and at midnight guests will be asked to join in on a haunting waltz.

Vampires are well known for taking what they want, not so much for giving back. Well, we want to break that stereotype! 100% of proceeds from the live auction will be donated to The Random Act. Random Acts was created by actor Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural. Because of this, there will be signed items from many of the cast members up for bid! There will also be an array of other deliciously coveted items up for bid.

Like the FB page to keep up on all updates!  Follow us on twitter: @ENVampBall

“Hump” day fun: Round 2

Okay, so my promise of bringing this to you early this week? …I failed. I will be honest, I forgot! “For shame!” I know. *bows head* But here it is, nonetheless. It’s continued from last week’s excerpt from Beyond The Threshold Of Death. I took it as far as I could without needing an NC-17 warning. *evil grin* So, enjoy! And happy hump day!

1“Leaning in closer to me, Brian moved my hair out of the way and began to kiss, lick and playfully nip at my neck.  I leaned my head back against his chest; I didn’t want him to stop.  I had lost all reason and my desire for him was too intense to ignore.  I reached behind me, groping and loving the feel of Brian’s body.  Every rib, hair and muscle was something to drink up like wine, sweet and numbing…

Slowly he turned me around to face him.  His eyes exuding his lust for me further weakened any self-control I had left.  He nuzzled his face to mine, his breath sweetened by the bourbon he had consumed earlier that night brushed against my face like a whisper of love and desire.  He kissed my cheek softly then backed away slightly.  Quickly he unlaced his breaches, removing and then letting them fall to the floor.  We climbed onto the bed and lay beside each other.  His touch exploring every part of my body felt so different.  This time I felt his pulse in his fingers as he would linger on the soft hair of my inner thigh, I could listen to the rhythmic beating of his heart.  His scent, a mixture of sweat and blood entered my nostrils, making it extremely difficult to hold back from taking his lifeblood.  But I wouldn’t – at least not yet…”

If you have read my books and enjoyed them, why not like ’em on Facebook? Erika Knudsen’s Vampire Saga.

© 2014 Erika Knudsen

“Hump” day fun.

I had a fun and cheeky thought earlier today and I just HAD to follow through. For the next few Wednesdays I’m going to post some “Hump Day” material. I’m going share excerpts from my Vampire Saga that have some, well… steamy, content. This is from Beyond The Threshold Of Death.” How far will I let the excerpt go? *wink* Enjoy!sexycouple

“What is there to talk about?” He said rising to his feet, quickly towering over me.

“There are just some things that you need to know.” I tried to keep my composure and train of thought, but as he leaned in toward me and wrapped his arms around me I couldn’t help but melt.  No, noI have to tell him! I tried to pull away again, but this time he followed me as I slowly backed up until a nearby chair stopped me.  Leaning in he kissed my lips then my cheek and slid down to kiss my neck just below my earlobe.  A moan escaped my lips.  He had no idea what he was doing to me.  This time it was Brian that stopped.  Looking down at me, his eyes filled with such love and intense passion, it was almost too much to bare.

“Do you love me, Deirdra?” He asked spontaneously.  At first I was taken aback but quickly I answered.

“Yes… yes! More than you will ever know.”

“That is all I need to know.”

Swiftly I was brought up into his arms.  The love in his eyes was enough to tear my heart in two.  Suddenly the idea of bringing him across clouded my prudent thoughts.  How could I ever live without him?  He’s my life, my whole world.  Since Mylana left, he was the only thing on earth that I had.  As he carried me into his darkened bedroom, my heart sped in anticipation.  Brian then carefully sat me down on the bed.  He began to remove his claret coloured coat and then started for his waistcoat, dropping both to the floor.  He looked at me, intensity filling his eyes as he untied the fabric around his neck and began to remove his shirt, his muscles flexing slightly.  His chest now bare, he moved closer to me.  I stood up and he unlaced the back of my bodice, letting it fall to the floor.  Standing behind me, his arms slipped under mine.  Stopping at my breasts, he gingerly caressed them, squeezing at my tender nipples.  I raised my arms above my head, letting my hands play with the back of Brian’s neck.  His hands swiftly moved down my chest making their way to my skirts, unlacing then letting them fall to the floor encircling my feet.  Next he slid off my shift.  Tossing it aside it landed beside the skirts.  I now stood before him naked, saying nothing as it might ruin the moment.  My mind spun with Brian’s every touch.  The scent of his blood and skin taunted my thirsts unmercifully…

Copyright Erika Knudsen 2014

PS Sorry that the first Hump Day post was done so late. Next Wednesday it will be posted much earlier. Promise!

Supernatural Christmas Goodies!

boxing-week-saleDidn’t get what you were hoping for this Christmas? Well, fear not! Eris Publishing is doing it’s first ever Boxing day week sale! It runs from December 26-31st. The complete Vampire Saga and Awakened are all FREE!! You can download them from Smashwords. Don’t miss out! Be sure to tell everyone you know! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!gifts

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