Monthly Archives: December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s Christmas eve day and I find myself with a free moment. *Gasp* I know, what the hell, eh? This year I am free of having to host dinner so I have the time to do a quick blog post. I’ve been thinking about doing this post since the begging of December, but just never had the time. What… (more…)

GISHWHES — What the Hell is THAT!?

Just to warn y’all, this post has nothing to do with writing per-say, but it does relate to creativity and insanity — two things any writer can relate to! *wink* So why not come down memory lane with me and learn what it is like to film Snake Oil commercials and take photos of a “Wood fired Jacket.” This is… (more…)

Can you spot what’s new on my blog? — Part II

For most of those who follow my blog or my twitter account, you know that I am a fan of Supernatural. And with that said, I spend a fair bit of time conversing with the fandom and have made many new friends through SPN, either online or from Supernatural conventions. So, I had a bit of an epiphany. Last August… (more…)

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