“Hump” day fun.

I had a fun and cheeky thought earlier today and I just HAD to follow through. For the next few Wednesdays I’m going to post some “Hump Day” material. I’m going share excerpts from my Vampire Saga that have some, well… steamy, content. This is from Beyond The Threshold Of Death.” How far will I let the excerpt go? *wink* Enjoy!sexycouple

“What is there to talk about?” He said rising to his feet, quickly towering over me.

“There are just some things that you need to know.” I tried to keep my composure and train of thought, but as he leaned in toward me and wrapped his arms around me I couldn’t help but melt.  No, noI have to tell him! I tried to pull away again, but this time he followed me as I slowly backed up until a nearby chair stopped me.  Leaning in he kissed my lips then my cheek and slid down to kiss my neck just below my earlobe.  A moan escaped my lips.  He had no idea what he was doing to me.  This time it was Brian that stopped.  Looking down at me, his eyes filled with such love and intense passion, it was almost too much to bare.

“Do you love me, Deirdra?” He asked spontaneously.  At first I was taken aback but quickly I answered.

“Yes… yes! More than you will ever know.”

“That is all I need to know.”

Swiftly I was brought up into his arms.  The love in his eyes was enough to tear my heart in two.  Suddenly the idea of bringing him across clouded my prudent thoughts.  How could I ever live without him?  He’s my life, my whole world.  Since Mylana left, he was the only thing on earth that I had.  As he carried me into his darkened bedroom, my heart sped in anticipation.  Brian then carefully sat me down on the bed.  He began to remove his claret coloured coat and then started for his waistcoat, dropping both to the floor.  He looked at me, intensity filling his eyes as he untied the fabric around his neck and began to remove his shirt, his muscles flexing slightly.  His chest now bare, he moved closer to me.  I stood up and he unlaced the back of my bodice, letting it fall to the floor.  Standing behind me, his arms slipped under mine.  Stopping at my breasts, he gingerly caressed them, squeezing at my tender nipples.  I raised my arms above my head, letting my hands play with the back of Brian’s neck.  His hands swiftly moved down my chest making their way to my skirts, unlacing then letting them fall to the floor encircling my feet.  Next he slid off my shift.  Tossing it aside it landed beside the skirts.  I now stood before him naked, saying nothing as it might ruin the moment.  My mind spun with Brian’s every touch.  The scent of his blood and skin taunted my thirsts unmercifully…

Copyright Erika Knudsen 2014

PS Sorry that the first Hump Day post was done so late. Next Wednesday it will be posted much earlier. Promise!

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