“Hump” day fun: Round 2

Okay, so my promise of bringing this to you early this week? …I failed. I will be honest, I forgot! “For shame!” I know. *bows head* But here it is, nonetheless. It’s continued from last week’s excerpt from Beyond The Threshold Of Death. I took it as far as I could without needing an NC-17 warning. *evil grin* So, enjoy! And happy hump day!

1“Leaning in closer to me, Brian moved my hair out of the way and began to kiss, lick and playfully nip at my neck.  I leaned my head back against his chest; I didn’t want him to stop.  I had lost all reason and my desire for him was too intense to ignore.  I reached behind me, groping and loving the feel of Brian’s body.  Every rib, hair and muscle was something to drink up like wine, sweet and numbing…

Slowly he turned me around to face him.  His eyes exuding his lust for me further weakened any self-control I had left.  He nuzzled his face to mine, his breath sweetened by the bourbon he had consumed earlier that night brushed against my face like a whisper of love and desire.  He kissed my cheek softly then backed away slightly.  Quickly he unlaced his breaches, removing and then letting them fall to the floor.  We climbed onto the bed and lay beside each other.  His touch exploring every part of my body felt so different.  This time I felt his pulse in his fingers as he would linger on the soft hair of my inner thigh, I could listen to the rhythmic beating of his heart.  His scent, a mixture of sweat and blood entered my nostrils, making it extremely difficult to hold back from taking his lifeblood.  But I wouldn’t – at least not yet…”

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