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My apologies for not blogging about this earlier, but alas, I was exhausted and was given bad news about a death in the family. So that put a damper on sharing how my wee book tour went last month. The Vancouver Fan Expo was first and then the Calgary Expo the weekend right after. Over all? Wonderful experience! Both venues were a first for me. The Calgary Expo was just insane! It was HUGE! I wished I wasn’t a vendor and had time to wander through more. I’ll be going back next year to Calgary, as a vendor (and wishing I was a guest again, lol) next year. It was a very successful adventure for me.

sam-and-II did manage to sneak away from my booth while and saw one panel with the Being Human cast. I also snuck away the day before and had a photo op with Sam Witwer (plays a vampire, Aiden, on Being Human encase you didn’t know.) It’s always a shame that it goes so quick. But nonetheless, super fun. He was very nice and gracious with my, uhm, “request” for the photo.

There were a few things that clicked with me while I was at the Calgary Expo.  Since that was the third one I had been to, (Edmonton’s Fan Expo last September was my first EVER experience at this type of venue with my books) I noticed something that occured at each city. I came to the realization that for my Vampire Saga, people’s first interpretation to what they are about was either: Graphic novel, or YA. My books are not young adult and I always clarify that there IS adult content in the Vampire Saga. I DO NOT want anyone to email me all pissed that their child just read a threesome scene! Ha! So with all that said, I believe it is time to update the look to help showcase what’s between the covers more clearly.

These are just some of the things I learn with being an independent author/publisher. I don’t mind… but now I have to get rid of the old stock before I can sell any new books, which I know I’ll so desperately want to do when the time comes. You will probably be seeing the new covers later this summer!! With that said, you may want to jump on the band wagon and get a copy for cheap. They will also be a special because they will not be in print any longer, making them a collectable item! 😉 If you would like to purchase a book, you can do so HERE.

So, to finish off this post, I will share just a few (there were SO many awesome cosplay people!) photos of what I was entertainted with while at my booth/s.

expo2014-1  expo2014-3  expo2014-5  expo2014-2  expo2014-9  expo2014-8  expo2014-7  expo2014-6


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