GISHWHES, VanCon & Overcoming Obstacles

Why hello there stranger(s)! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry to have left you hanging and wondering what is going on in my world, AKA, The Boonies. A lot, and yet, not a lot. The leaves are turning and the apple tree and tomato plants have been picked… although we are being too lazy to dig up the potatoes… Hubby and I will eventually get to them. So what have I been up to as of late, you ask? (or maybe not) I am officially a starving artist once again, well, still, but more starving? I’ve done away with the day job, again, and HAD plans of finishing Darkness before the start of September. Well, sadly, that didn’t happen. Good ol’ Murphy got in the way and changed plans–significatnly! But I’ll get to that. I want to share with you the fun I had during the month of August! If you know me at all, you know that I do this yearly savenger hunt, GISHWHES: Greatest International Savenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen! I have survived all four years now. It is madness, art, great imagination, creativity and… well, did I mention madness? Oh, and did I mention that you should hang your self-consciousness and dignity up on your way out when you go to play with GISH? Yup, it’s that good! *grins* This years hunt brought out some celebrities to boot! Like William Shattner! At first, I was like: HELL NO! This is OUR thing? How dare he infultrate our thing?! It was almost sacgrilige. Okay, maybe that’s going over the top, but really… how were ordinary people supposed to compete with a celebrity who has money–and KNOWS people. Oh well. Once I (sorta) got over that, I actually found it kind of hilarious that he would even want to do GISHWHES. I’m pretty sure he didn’t really know what he was up for! shatnGishHis response to my twitter question was a bit vague, yet not at the same time. GISHWHES for anyone, especially their first year, is very overwhelming! But exhillerating! It’s weird… I admit it. All I know is that I love it and part of me is addicted to the challenge of GISH. To my husband’s dismay, I will probably always be a GISHer. It’s in my blood now. (I blame Misha. lol)

So the beginning of August found me putting puzzles together with mittens on; walking on water, to be the Messiah I knew I always wanted to be; sucking blood from a donut; building a 5 foot nest…. oh, the list goes on! It was an amazing week with my abnosome team mates.

The middle of August sent me to Vancouver again. To yet again a Convention… of Supernatural proportions. Yup, the one and only “Supernatural #VanCon.” This year was pretty amazing, but I have to admit, nothing could top last year when I was able to chat with Robbie Thompson (one of the writers on Supernatural). That was just… I was more nervous to talk with him than the actual stars of the show! I won’t get to into it all, but if you are a Supernatural fan, you should try to go to ANY con, at least once in your life. It’s worth it.

Now it’s the middle of September, and admittedly, I stopped writing. I needed to recover from the bad news I recieved back in mid-July about the event/venue where I was to launch Darkness–it had been cancelled. Since I was helping the local company plan the show, finding entertainment and guest speakers and such (I even had Mark Pellegrino signed on! Yes, I’m that good), I was more thenĀ devastated at their news. There are so many things that I learned from this, so I guess it’s not a total loss… but it still stings. With all that looming over me, I went with the wind, had fun during GISHWHES and at VanCon. But as always, my love for writing brings me back to my happy place. No matter how scorned or pissed off I may get at events that are out of my control, I have to learn to let it go. I’ve started to get back at it and I had a funny thought about that, about taking the time off and how it felt to get back to writing. When I opened up the lap top and went to work on my WIP, it sort of felt like going back to an ex-lover where the excitement was still there, but it’s as awkward as hell ’cause you don’t know where to begin! Now I’m back on a schedule, for the most part, and back to writing, re-writing and editing Darkness. It won’t be released in October like was planned, but I’m still hoping for before Christmas. I was almost there, it shouldn’t be too hard to get back on track. *knocks on wood*

Between writing and editing, I’m also counting down the days until I get to go to Edmonton’s Fan Expo to promote my books. It was really amazing last year, so I can only hope for a similar outcome this year. If you are going to be heading to Edmonton Fan Expo, swing on by! I’ll be at booth H02.

Just a few images from my GISHWHES team Misha Satellitibus:

gishDonut 99 Gish2014PotatoCannon-WalkingWater 007 #34 #59 #103 #DeathToNormalcy AKA D2N

On set of Supernatural, hanging with Misha Collins on a dinner cruise and an epic fun photo op from #VanCon.

Hunting2014 017 Hunting2014 004 VanConDay1-2014 050 threesome VanCon 2014

Well this ended up being a long post… guess I was feeling wordy today. Have an abnosome day and remember to enjoy the small things in life!

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