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Erika Knudsen dared to walk in the shadows and never came back. At an early age, she was intrigued and mesmerized by suspense, horror, and drama. The idea of “creatures” coming to life at night was a scary and thrilling idea. After years of being a fan of horror and the supernatural, she took her fandom of the genre to the next level. Vampires being her number one obsession, she began writing what was only supposed to be a short story.
Erika Knudsen resides in a quaint hamlet northwest of Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and dog where the dark country nights add to her nightmarish and twisting plots. In her free time, Erika has managed to write four novels. She is the author of the Vampire Saga:  Beyond the Threshold of Death, Resurrected and Monarchy Of Blood. Erika has also written, Awakened. It is a separate paranormal tale, yet it does have tie-ins with her vampire saga. Awakened gave Erika the opportunity to explore another genre she has always been fascinated by: the idea of magic, paranormal abilities and witchcraft.

Erika has also written short stories that were published in two anthologies. (“The Letter” in How I Shot My Brother and “Cold Turkey” in Christmas Chaos, both published by Prairie Dog Publishing.)

If you have any questions or comments for Erika, please feel free to email her or contact her through Twitter. (@Eris_author)

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Erika Knudsen’s novels have created a buzz of excitement and generated wonderful testimonials and reviews.  Erika’s novels are thought provoking and erotic.  The reader will find themselves delving into the dark world of vampires.  They’ll experience a vampires’ weakness, their desires and take a glimpse into their immortality. With Erika’s newest release, the mythology in Awakened entwines epically with the vampire saga to create an in depth supernatural universe. This new supernatural saga will leave you thrilled, chilled and wanting more!

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  1. Hi Erika, i don’t know if you remeber me, its me Aly Hankinson, the one who does manga, you said that maybe we could do a manga together, you write , and i draw, so if that option is still open, can you plz contact me at 780-963-8874. i’m still in the process of reading your book Awakened, its awesome, ur a fantastic writer, it was an honour to meet u at coles in spruce and at the stony plain park, i hope we see each other again soon :).

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