Crossroads Tour 2011

Hey y’all! Well, I just wanted to let you know about a cool blog tour, Crossroads. Now, you may already know that my books are not really YA (young adult) so I thought for any of you out there with wee ghouls and monsters who like to share your love of all things spooky and supernatural, this would be a… (more…)

Getting Ready For Halloween

Hey ya’ll! Well it is only October 5th and of course I have Halloween on my mind! Last year I had participated in a blog hop and had a blast doing so, so I figured why not again?! This year I must say, for any of you who may follow my blog, the prizes this year are awesome! Not only… (more…)

Finding filming locations — 101

*Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with writing or publishing. It does however involve me getting my geek on! As some of you may know, I had gone to Vancouver, B.C. for a Supernatural (TV series) Convention at the end of August. I have been home now for 7 days and I am starting to feel normal again.  Having… (more…)

Supernatural Book Deal!

Since I will be attending the Supernatural (the TV series) Convention August 26, 27 & 28th in Vancouver, Canada, I thought I would offer an awesome book deal for anyone who may be interested in my novels! Here’s the details: 1 book for $20, 2 books for $35 & all 3 books for $50!! You can save up to $10… (more…)

TV Vampires

I thought I would do a light, fun post about vampires in TV.  For as long as I can remember it seems, I have always loved the idea of vampires; either it be they are evil, ugly beasts or romantically dangerous creatures of the night. I will say that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to… (more…)

A walk in the park — saving animals

Saturday, July  23rd was the day that I signed up to do a 5 km walk for SAFE team (safe = Saving Animals From Euthanasia). The weather has been a bit iffy as of late, but we lucked out and it was just purrrrfect! We all met up at Earth’s General Store and we eventually got started on our walk… (more…)

Murphy’s Law

As I mentioned on twitter, I have decided to blog about that crazy weekend where Hubby and I hosted our now yearly BBQ bash.  This is not your typicl BBQ, we go all out. It’s a three day event and we have, for the most part, been pretty lucky with the weather. Well, not this year!! So it all began… (more…)

This new experience could save lives!

Hey y’all! Well it has been a bit since I’ve blogged, hasn’t it. Life has gotten the better of me and unfortunately my writing overall has been shoved to the side. However, with that said, I am excited to do this quick blog post. Back in February I attempted to raise money for A dog’s Life Rescue (past blog posts… (more…)

Urban Legends: Friday the 13th

I thought since today was a well known day — and for some a well feared day –I figured I would do a fun post about Friday the 13th. What comes to mind for you on this day? Are you superstitious about this day? Or do you just think of the horror flick? For me I have no fear of… (more…)

An interview with an Immortal

First off I’d like to wish you y’all a happy Good Friday! This blog post is going to be a bit different from my others.    Through twitter I “met” a fellow author, Gene Doucette, and he has a new book out called Immortal.  He decided to do a blog tour and I jumped on board.  I was able to… (more…)

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