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Beyond the threshold of deathBeyond The Threshold of Death ~ book 1 in Vampire Saga (Synopsis):

In a weakened state, fearful for herself and for all vampires, Deirdra is eerily aware that an unknown being has been released. Wishing for simpler times, Deirdra is drawn back into her memories of when she was so young and naive. Remembering clearly her youth in Ireland, 1795, Deirdra recalls how the gift of immortality had been bestowed upon her…
Ailing from an unknown illness, her health deteriorating rapidly, her father fearing for his daughter’s health, unknowingly hires a vampire named Mylana to care for her. Instantly, a friendship blossoms between the two women. Seeing the pain Deirdra is in, Mylana offers her immortality, of which she accepts… Now almost two centuries later, Deirdra finds herself in the middle of an unearthly upheaval. Events waged over a millennia beforehand have reawakened the fury of an ancient Blood God, whose objectives involve the complete obliteration of the vampire race.

ResurrectedResurrected ~ book 2 in vampire saga (synopsis):

It is only months before a new millennia and Deirdra, after nearly four years away from La Maison de Chantonnay, makes her way home. The nightmares of the past have taken their toll on her weary mind. As she anxiously awaits the reunion with her immortal family she finds herself plagued by a mysterious being who seems set on guiding her unlife in his chosen direction. With characteristic stubbornness, Deirdra ignores this entity’s wisdom. Spiralling into a web of alienated self-destruction, her path leads her into the arms of the enemy she had forever sworn to despise. Broken and lost she discovers old gods born anew, wearing away at her humanity, leaving her vulnerable to the evil of her demon within.

Monarchy of bloodMonarchy of blood ~ book 3 in vampire saga (synopsis):

After surviving the streets of Montreal for most of his life, Stone Rossi was beaten and left to die. Like a dark angel who sought to end his suffering, his life was left to the capricious desires of a vampire. Seeing that Stone refused to die peacefully, Mylana admired his will to survive. Leaving his humanity intact, she took him in. Fate tore his life asunder when against his will, and Mylana’s, he was embraced into the immortal family. Following his chaotic transformation, Stone falls for Olivia, a mortal woman who stirs a deadly obsession.
While unknown to Stone and others at La Maison Chantonnay, vampires are being tortured and eviscerated. With these grotesque murders making headlines, a new sovereignty is formed to combat the unknown enemy. Willing to risk their lives, they must keep their existence in the shadows or suffer genocide at the hands of humans.

AwakenedAwakened (Synopsis):

Mackenzie Sinclair knows he’s different. For as long as he can remember he’s been haunted by visions of the dead. After the shocking death of his parents Mac is targeted by a malevolent spirit. Taken in by the Azamaté, a group who secretly research, study and record the paranormal, he learns the truth.
Lucien, a fellow medium and Wiccan, becomes his guide. Together, they research his family’s dark history and discover that the demonic force has been killing Mac’s Wiccan ancestors for nine hundred years. Desperate to attain freedom from years of torment, Mac searches for a way to defeat the evil spirit. Unearthing a family secret, Mac believes he may have found the key to defeating the ancient wraith. Now, if he can only live long enough to put his plan into action…

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