It’s all about atmosphere!


“One of my earliest memories is of a ghost—not of my mother tucking me in and kissing me goodnight, and not of my father playing with me on the floor with my toys…” ~ Mac.

Now that the winter months are upon us in Northern Alberta, the days are shorter and that is actually all right by me… well, for the writer part of me anyhow. I do my best work when it’s dull out, raining/snowing, or at night. It’s all about atmosphere! Light some candles, pour a glass of wine… or port, which is what I was indulging in, in this photo, and just let it flow! I really have to be even more diligent over the next few months to get some serious wordage down. I have the biggest deadline to meet that I have ever had. This deadline is unmoveable, so if I’m not ready, I will miss out on an awesome opportunity.

You may be wondering what I’m talking about, well, I’m going to have to be a wee bit vague with details right now becuase things are still being worked out. But lets just say this future book launch will be surrounded by a Halloween themed trade show and a Vampire Ball, first ever to happen in Edmonton! I’m so excited, and a bit nervous if I really think about it. But more excited than anything.

I also have to stay on track for I want to do some travelling with my books next year. I am aiming to go to two Fan Expos next year. First one would be the Vancouver Fan Expo in April, so I need most of the book to be finished by then. For when that time rolls around, my life will very quickly become crazy busy with edits, meeting with my graphic designer, getting everything ready for printing and ebook release etc… So to add travelling time into this equation, wow… it’s gonna be exciting, to say the least. So with all that said, I better go: Type, type, type away… I have a serious deadline to meet!

If you are wondering, “Darkness” is the sequel to “Awakened.” If you haven’t already, you can follow it’s development on facebook! Azamaté Chronicles.

Fan-gasmic Experience ~ Edmonton Expo uniting fans

expo4I am delighted to say that this past weekend (Sept.28 & 29th) I spent at the #EdmontonExpo. It was a great success… AND super fun!

I went to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo last year, which was the first one ever held in Edmonton. So I knew what to expect… sort of… as a guest anyhow. But I didn’t know what to expect as an exhibitor. I tried not to set my hopes to high with selling a huge ammount of books. I didn’t want my heart to be broken. Being an unknown author, I knew it could be a hard sell to those who were going to the Expo for something or someone specific. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I did VERY well!

My books were well recieved and the interest in them was a huge relief. I am now hoping to get into the Calgary Expo and I’ll definetly go back to the Edmonton Expo next year.

expo9On the first day I was even surprised to see Russ Hamilton, who is the locations manager for the tv show Supernatural. He came over, chatted with me and checked out my booth. I had a totally surreal moment when he purchased Beyond The Threshold Of Death and I signed it for him. I still cannot believe that actually happened.


So, even with  all that excitement, I was able to enjoy all those who had come dressed in some amazing costumes and I snuck quick glimpses at a few of the actors that I knew. Over all, it was an amazing experience, fan-gasmic to say the least.

expo2 expo8 expo7 expo6 expo5

The DeLorean!

Yup, yup Alien from Sesame Street.



New Adventures!

EdmontonExpoLogoI am very excited (and a bit nervous, to tell the truth) about my newest adventure! On September 28th and 29th I’ll be taking my books to the largest venue I’ve ever been to: The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo! This is the 2nd year that Edmonton has hosted this event. There is everything from Star Wars to Anime, horror to Sci-fi and fantasy. There’s cosplay and collectables, and guest stars who have, or are currently in tv shows/movies, of this beloved vast genre. This is a geeks dream convention. And as you all know, I’m one of those geeks. *smiles proudly*

So if you are from Edmonton, or the surrounding area, come on by and say hi! I’ll be at booth #1609 in the Celeberity guest/Photo op Hall. I will have a book special that weekend to hopefully suck in a few more fans (pun intended).  Check it out and get your geek on!

Enjoy yourself, you will. *Said in the voice of Yoda*

I’m geeky and I know it!

Misha Collins, the lord of GISHWHES, & his faithful minion.

Misha Collins, the lord of GISHWHES, & his faithful minion.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it my lovelies? My apologies. As usual, I’ve been very busy and, well, August alone was a crazy month! The geek that I am lavished in the mind wracking, body draining, sleep depriving GISHWHES–which I am a now a three time survivor of and helped break four world records, that I know of. Still waiting to hear about how many we broke this year.  If you’ve never heard of it before, google it! You’ll be glad you did, especially if you love to create odd art and are not easily embarrassed. (Misha Collin’s, the mastermind behind it all, talks briefly about the power of GISHWHESeans in this vid I took.) I would love to share some of the photos from this year, but alas, they are still judging.

Then, not even recovered yet from the scavenger hunt, only 3 days later I flew off to Vancouver, BC for a Supernatural (the TV show) convention… and vacation. Best convention yet! I totally geeked out over being able to meet AND chat with two of the series regular writers: Robbie Thompson and Adam Glass. I wished I had more time to chat about screenplays and such, as I am attempting to broaden my skills. Yes, I am not only working on two books, “Darkness”  (working title), which is the sequel to Awakened as well as the fourth instalment to the vamp saga (still untitled), I also have a zombie/Frankenstein type short story in mind and I am attempting to make Awakened into a screenplay. That’s A LOT! you say? Yes, yes it is. I was uninspired for a good while after the release of Monarchy Of Blood, then BAME!! All these ideas came to me. Just crazy! But good. I’m high on life and enjoying all the inspiration when I can.

While in Vancouver, three of my friends and myself went on an adventure after the convention to find the filming location of Supernatural (which always moves around, FYI). And after a LONG day of hunting, we found it! You can check out the set pic’s here. As we drove around forever, we kept finding other filming sites and such, and one sweet gem we found by accident was the set of the tv show, “Bates Motel!” It was so cool!

Bates Motel BM2 BM3


Supernatural writer, Adam Glass (& his son)

Supernatural writer, Adam Glass (& his son)

Supernatural writer, Robbie Thompson

Supernatural writer, Robbie Thompson



Another new and exciting thing this year for me was the fact that a Supernatural “VFX non-con,” as it was coined, was held at, The Storm Crow, which is an amazing place by the way! If you EVER go to Vancouver, and you are a geek such as myself, you will love, love, LOVE this place. It’s wicked cool! (Oh man, saying that just showed my age, didn’t it? lol) But yes, any of the lingering SPN fans who still had their wristbands on was able to attend and mingle with the digital special effects guys that work their magic on our favourite show. There was a wee presentation with videos of how things are done, which was very neat, and lots of mingling with other fans and VFX guys. It was awesome. It went a little something like this…

SC2SC3 sc5 SC4

Now that my very time consuming yet uber gratifying fun is over, now it’s nose to the grind stone. I will do my best to keep you updated on my works in progress. 🙂


summer-winterHere in Alberta, the snow is now a distant memory as the delightful warm summer rays and delicious fresh breezes caress us. The smell of fresh cut grass and campfires perfume the air…  Ahhh! How I love summer!

However, it this is not the case for everywhere in the world. What?! you say? It’s true. In the land down under, it’s winter. Craziness! Since this–not so much of a phenomenon–happens every year, what do those at Smashwords decide to do? Host a Summer/Winter sale! Yes, this is good for everyone! With all this said, I am posting to say that for the full month of July, if you go to you can get ALL of my ebooks for FREE!! Yes, for free! Just use the code: SW100 at the check out. All I ask is, if you do get my ebooks, and you are a person who likes rate books, could you please do so for mine? That would be wonderful! I thank you in advance and wish you all happy reading!

Nothin’ says, “F**k you Mother Nature” like goin’ to a book launch!

snowybookOn Saturday April 13, 2013, Monarchy Of Blood was launched. When I woke up that morning I thought that wasn’t going to happen. What did I wake up to find? A spring blizzard! After a wonderful phone call from my mother, “Oh, it’s really bad out there. They are saying no one should be traveling on the roads. What are you going to do?” and a couple of texts from hubby and a friend that the roads were sh*t that morning, I realized I was going to have to suck it up and cancel. No point in hosting a party with no one in attendance.  Yes, there may have been some tears shed from sheer disappointment to frustration. But as I started to contact some of the guests who had to travel the farthest, they were still willing to come. Then I started to get the facebook messages that more were still planing on going. After all, these are vampires that reside in Canada, and so do we! So the weather shouldn’t hold us back, right? And as this all started to go down, no word of a lie, the snow started to stop falling and what had been collecting on the ground was beginning to melt! I thought, thank God! Things are turning around for me! Or so I thought…

Figuring I better contact the venue to make sure they knew I wasn’t going to not show up because of the weather, I called–only to find out that she had thought I had cancelled! Silently I started to panic all over again–I had JUST re-confirmed with everyone that it was still a go! After re-assuring her that it wasn’t me that had cancelled, she realized it was “supposedly” someone else who was booked for earlier in the day. (My event was for the evening) With that, a sigh of relief escaped my lips and I hung up. About ten minutes later, I had a bad thought: I hope she remembered that I had asked for the projector. I call her back thinking that all she needed was a reminder so she wouldn’t have to scramble to find it when we got there. Well, so much for that “easy-going” thought. “I can’t get to it. Did you ask to use it?” I suck in my anger. I rave to myself: Yes, and I have used it the past two times before. “Yup , I asked for it. What do you mean you can’t get to it?” “It’s locked up and I don’t have a key,” she says.

Oh. My. God! I think my face has just turned 50 shades of… RED!

I hang up. I fume. I am at a loss and don’t know what to do. That was a major part of my presentation. After trying to find a place to rent one, with no success, I started to see how much they were to buy. Yes, I was getting desperate! (They start at $400.00 CND by the way.) THAT wasn’t going to happen. Not knowing what else to do, I call my cousin. We try to work out ideas, most of what I had already thought of. But then! He suggests: use a tv. YES! That’ll totally work! He was nice enough to unhook his and use it for the night. He was my saviour! (See, family can be a good thing! lol)

Now things  seem to be back on track. Right? Well, until I get to the venue that is. Yes, more fun! *sigh* We get there, (said cousin and myself) and I go in to let her know we are there to set up. She shows me the room. It has changed since the last time I had rented it. Now I have to re-think on how to set it up. I notice only one folding table. I need three. “Oh, I didn’t want to go out to the shed and bring them in. You can use the dining tables from downstairs.” I suggest that my cousin and I can haul them in for her. She takes me to the shed. No tables. “Oh, I don’t know where they are.” *sigh* Yes, we ended up hauling tables up from downstairs… Then I discover that the, at one time movable walls, were no longer movable. (They use it as an art gallery most of the time.) Right smack dab in the middle of the room was one of those walls. *sigh* Eventually we figured it out. Just a wee side note: Anyone planning a party of any sorts in the future, don’t do it on a double 13! I can laugh now, but holy sh*t, was I stressed!!

Overall though, the actual party went on without a hitch. My event was even graced with the precence of someone from our local paper; so really, it was a good thing for that alone that I didn’t cancel my launch party. I need as much exposure as this struggling indie artist can get! Here are some images from the party.

moblaunch14    moblaunch20 moblaunch16  mob draw moblaunch6  cupcakes moblaunch18    moblaunch19   moblaunch7    moblaunch10 moblaunch3

If you would like a chance to win an ebook copy of Monarchy Of Blood, check out: Vamps, Weres and Cassey OH My!


Well folks, the long awaited day is approaching quickly now. With Monarchy Of Blood currently at the printers, I’ve been getting ready and planning for the launch party. Here is the official invite! I am also planning on doing an on-line post-launch party, but that info will come in a couple weeks. I am too busy with trying to plan everything for the upcoming release. So, behold, the purdy and alluring invite!  It whispers, “Come… I know you want to!”

Make sure to like MOB on facebook to follow the fun and interavtive posts to keep up to date!


Running AMOK

amoklogoWell, since I have a bit of free time while waiting for Monarchy Of Blood to be printed, I thought I’d do a wee post about my events last weekend.

This past weekend  me and two friends ran AMOK. What’s AMOK you may ask? Well, it stands for Annual Melee Of Kindness. I had participated in it last year and wanted to do it again for 2013. Because we managed to get lots of support from a few friends, we were able to amp it up a bit this year. If you are curious about what we all did, check out the video I created for it. Just click on the image. 🙂

Hiccups…Vampires get indigestion!?


Well… there have been a few hiccups along the way for Monarchy of Blood: from having to go back to work, to life in general giving me a swift kick in the pants. But as I enter March, the light at the end of the tunnel is not only visible, I’m going to be bathing in it VERY soon! Yup, that’s right. The official release date is set for April 13th! The hall has been booked, I’m getting everything ready for the printers… I’m super excited.!! And I can’t wait for y’all to sink your teeth into it! *wink*

Other exciting news is that the book trailer for MOB has been released already. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link: Monarchy Of Blood. This trailer is a bit more edgy and rocker then the others, which I love! Sets the perfect tone for the book.  In a couple of weeks I’ll be posting an excerpt, just to tease those who have been waiting patiently, and to hopefully hook new readers. *evil grin* So look for #TeaserTuesday, March the 12th for an awesome sneak peak!

A vampire’s love…

BustedHeartIt’s Valentines day tomorrow. It’s that time of year where some love, and others love to hate it. Me? I’m not much of a romantic, so my hopes are never that high. (lol) HOWEVER, with that said, I guess I wouldn’t scoff at getting flowers or being taken out to dinner.  *wink*

Because I am working hard to get Monarchy Of Blood released, which I’m excited to say, the tentative release date will be March 16th, I’m cheating. I’m recycling the vampire quotes blog post about love from last year. They are from a TV show called Forever Knight. It was a vampire show from back in the early nineties. It was my favourite show. My reverence for the show led me to name a few of my secondary characters after some of the characters on Forever Knight–so you may recognize the names attached to these quotes. They are not from my books and not my characters, but from my beloved vampire cop show. A bit of vampire thoughts on love. Enjoy… if you haven’t already!

Love: It warps our senses, twists our souls; can take us past hope, past cure, past help. I know about love. It’s suffering, it’s anguish, it’s pain. Heaven makes means to kill our joy with love. And yet we must have it at any cost. But are you so enamoured that you will over look your love of life? And you do love it. I’ve seen you smell the sea, gaze at the stars at night. Are you willing to sacrifice one mistress for another? Look into your heart and tell me that you are willing to make the choice. ~ Lacroix

Love: How it toys with us, makes utter fools of us; flogs, whips and spanks us—rushing through our fingers, unstoppable, fleeting… gone. And yet, when we touch this love, it burns us with its rightful name. ~ Lacroix

A vampire’s heart must be cold. Immortality makes this so. Death is always around us but we must never allow it to touch us, so we cannot allow the emotion of loss to infect us… 800 years is a long time to live with a cold heart. ~ Janette

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