Setting deadlines: The good, the bad and the ugly!

It is already January 23rd and I am shocked that it’s January 23rd!! 2012 is already flying by and I find the writer part of me slacking — badly! Not because I am not inspired or I don’t have any ideas as to where I want to take my WIP — I’ve been sick,  then sick again and I’m now sick yet AGAIN!! I was lucky this year to get a delightful sinus infection that decided to turn bad. I’m now all medicated up and feeling better. However, as I was going over what I have written and where I wanted to be by this time, I’m feeling a bit distressed!

So today, I’ve decided to begin a challenge for myself. I figure if I blogged about it, it will further my need to complete my word challenge for everyday. I not only will have to answer to myself, but to all of you! So what have I planned for myself? No matter what, I’m going to aim to write at least 1,000 words a day. If I can manage to do more, that’ll be awesome! However, I will not count any overage for the next day. What a bitch I am to myself, eh? So starting today, not counting my blog post, I will begin this daily deadline for myself. I am actually excited to see if I can manage to stick to it. I think I can. Wish me luck!

2012 so far…

We are eight days, nearly nine, into the new year and I don’t have a whole lot to talk about on the book front. I have, however, been working like crazy on my WIP (work in progress), which will be the third installment to my vampire saga. It is still untitled. I haven’t had that a-ha moment yet, but I don’t think I will have that for a while still. So, with all that said, I thought I would add to my blog the “Vampiric Lifelines.” It’s the: Who made who and when did that all go down, chart.  I was going down vampire memory lane and thought for those of you who have read the series so far might like to do that too. So enjoy! Oh, and you may have noticed with the addition of the new vamp page, I deleted the “Teaser Tuesday” page. I decided to do so because we (AKA the twitterverse writers) have stopped doing them quite a while ago. If you feel like you have missed out, you can always get a free sample for any of my books from bookbuzzer, which you can find on my blog along the left-hand side.

Also, if you haven’t heard, my newest book Awakened is still up for grabs at for FREE! There is two weeks left on this awesome deal, so don’t miss out!

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Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s Christmas eve day and I find myself with a free moment. *Gasp* I know, what the hell, eh? This year I am free of having to host dinner so I have the time to do a quick blog post. I’ve been thinking about doing this post since the begging of December, but just never had the time. What is it that I am going to yammer on about… Well,  I wanted to take the time say thank you to those who follow my blog and to let those who have supported me over the years by purchasing my books, for either themselves or for others who love the vampire and paranormal world as much as I do! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to keep doing what I love to do. So thank you!! I hope this post finds everyone happy, healthy and well! Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope you all welcome the new year with a free spirit! Also, I wanted to give a gift this holiday season. I am giving away for FREE the ebook version of Awakened!! Feel free to take advantage of this for yourself or share the wealth and pass the coupon along to someone. Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy!

Coupon Code: QB22K
Expires: January 24, 2012

Go to: Smashwords to get your free ebook for Awakened!

Note: If you do not have an ereader yet, fear not, you can read these ebooks on your computer also! There are many different types of ebooks to choose from.

A feel good video for Christmas — Random acts of kindness! 🙂

GISHWHES — What the Hell is THAT!?

Just to warn y’all, this post has nothing to do with writing per-say, but it does relate to creativity and insanity — two things any writer can relate to! *wink* So why not come down memory lane with me and learn what it is like to film Snake Oil commercials and take photos of a “Wood fired Jacket.”

This is how it all began: Last month, in November, I readily signed myself up for GISHWHES. What the hell is that you ask? Well, it stands for: Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen! And oh boy, was it huge! There ended up being something like 6,000 participants from 65 different countries around the world. The whole thing was started by Misha Collins, an actor, who specifically plays the role of “Castiel” on a little show called “Supernatural.” Knowing that his “minions,” — what he lovingly calls his Twitter followers — would help him in the insane task of breaking a world record, he contacted Guinness. And so it began. We were going to help him break the record for: Largest digital scavenger hunt and we were ready, willing and able. The countdown began. Once we were assigned our teams, we waited with baited breath for the “item list” which consisted of either photos, videos and even websites/pages and i-phone apps, of which WE as participants had to create ourselves. When we did get the list, holy cow, were we in for some challenges, but we were ready… mostly… yeah, I’m pretty sure. On the list there were a possible 219 items to “secure.” You know, stuff like: A photo of someone completely covered in cotton candy and the only part of them that can be showing is their face, which has to have lipstick all over it. OR: A 30-second stop-motion animated short of a Cabbage Path doll doing a strip tease. You know, normal stuff like that.

For this competition I don’t think I had done so much arts and crafts since I was a kid and I learned quickly how to use windows movie maker. I also learned how to do a stop-motion animation, which I never thought I’d ever do. So yes, I did do the strip tease using a Cabbage Patch doll. I never would have guessed as a kid “Maggie” to be such a dirty, dirty dolly! Haha

So over all, the GISHWHES experience was amazing. My team mates were wonderful and worked hard to secure as many items as possible and we worked together quite well. Altogether we managed to do 26 videos, 66 pictures and I believe 2 websites. I think we did awesome!

I remember when it was all said and done, I was actually sad that it was over. I enjoyed the comradery, the go, go, go, part of the hunt and definitely the creativity that went into making each picture and video the best and entertaining it could be. I also discovered that for the most part if I have to make a fool of myself, I will.

Even though  a good two weeks has passed since the hunt ended, they are still going through the 10’s of thousands of items. As far as I know, we are still not allowed to share our pictures or videos. Although we were given permission to show a couple of pictures and one video. Those I will show here and have a link to the one video. The other video is a blooper video for the Snake Oil commercial. So enjoy. This is what GISHWHES was about.

Here is the link to my team’s “Random Acts of Kindness” video:

Here the link to the bloopers of the Snake Oil Commercial:

#147: Show true love. Caption: Being Married 65 Years Without Strangling Your Spouse. (even though it sometimes seems very, very tempting)

Item #8: The reaction on someones face after being on the receiving end of a "Dutch Oven." Interpret however you like

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Can you spot what’s new on my blog? — Part II

For most of those who follow my blog or my twitter account, you know that I am a fan of Supernatural. And with that said, I spend a fair bit of time conversing with the fandom and have made many new friends through SPN, either online or from Supernatural conventions. So, I had a bit of an epiphany. Last August I had the original thought: Why not give a deal on my books to other SPN fans, and I would bring them which ever book they desired for a good deal to VanCon. Well I figure, why not have a deal all the time, all year round, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day! So, the “Supernatural book deal” has been born. This deal will never run out and the details on how to get in on this great deal will always be on my blog, which you can find on the left hand side. (You have to scroll down just a bit to see it.) So, go forth and get yourself one helluva deal!

  • Supernatural Book Deal!

    Are you a fan of the show Supernatural? Me too! I figure why not give a deal to my fellow SPN fans! You can get any of my books (a print copy, signed too, if you so desire) for only $11.95!!
    Don’t pass this awesome deal up, just shoot an email to:
    All you have to do is put in the subject line of the email what type of car the boys drive. Simple! Don’t fight that urge your feeling, go forth and email today!

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Can you spot what’s new on my blog?

NEW!!! Vampire SWAG! What is swag you ask? Well, it stands for: Souvenirs, Wearables, and Gifts. How awesome is that?! Come visit Eris’ new online store. ( Show the world how much you love the vampires of Le Maison Chantonnay and the witches of the Azamaté! There are not only t-shirts, sweaters etc, there are mugs, bags and even lap top skins! As you are reading this post, new designs are probably being created for your shopping diversity so you can share with the world your love for BTTOD, Resurrected and Awakened! The Vampire SWAG page will always be at the top of my blog for your convenience, so don’t fret, you won’t have to hunt down this post to get the link to Eris Curio Shoppe!

Today, as I looked into my crystal ball, I saw that in the near future a competition is brewing for you, the fans, to create an image for a t-shirt. If your image is chosen, you will receive a FREE t-shirt wit h your design on it — not to mention that your artwork will be worn by people you have never met. Sounds like fun, no? Hell yeah! I will let you know more about this wee idea in the near future. As for now, let those creative juices flow!

Example of a T-shirt for BTTOD

Example of other wonderful gift ideas







Example of a lap top skin with Resurrected graphics

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This blog post will be short, but full of winning! I am delighted to say that “Darkreader,” a fellow Mick St. John lover, won the give-a-way from the Halloween blog hop.  You don’t remember what the prize was? Well, she won all three of my books in ebook form. Don’t be sad… I’m pretty sure that there will be another chance for you to win something in the very near future! *cough* Christmas is coming. *cough* Until then, keep on reading!

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Blood Stained Lips & No Remorse

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for ghouls, zombies, vampires, werewolves and all things supernatural! This year I am going to dedicate this blog post to vampires that act like vampires  where their desire to drink blood is like an addiction for them and for the most part, have no remorse. Well, I’m okay with a slight wavering mortal coil. I do love self torture to a point, but as long as they eventually give in to their nature, I’m good with it! lol So with all that said, I am going to post some of my favourite bloody scenes. Do you agree with my picks? What would you have chosen?

"Win Me!" ebook trio

*The Halloween blog has officially begun!! It runs from today, October 28th to the 31st.  Follow the blogs and you can win fabulous prizes.  This link ( ) will take you to the beginning of the tour, and if you accidentally fell off the tour bus (hey, distractions happens…) it will take you to the last blog you visited.  Feel free to comment at the blogs you visit, yup, just say hello and hop on into whatever discussion you stumble upon and possibly win many prizes. At the end of the hop, you can enter your name to win a Kindle eReader! If you comment on my blog post, your name will be entered to win a bloody fangtastic prize! You can win all three of my novels in ebook form!*

Blade Rave Scene

^click on image to see the video^

"...but you must feed!" David showing Micheal what he is - Lost Boys.

Lestat feeding on Louis - Interview with the vampire

^click on image to see video^


It's all in *where* to bite! This may not be a bloody scene per-say, but it's a bloody good one!

^Click above image for video^


Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

Mick St. John - Moonlight





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Halloween: Trick or Treat?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this month, I am going to be participating in a Halloween blog hop, which begins October 28th. Not only will all three of my books — in ebook form — be given away as a prize, you can even win prizes from the other blogs AND to top this all off, at the end of the hop you can enter to win a Kindle eReader! How can you say no to that?! Is this a trick? Nope! It’s all a treat!

All you will have to do to enter for the book trio (Beyond the Threshold of Death, Resurrected & Awakened) is to comment on the blog post when it is up and running on the 28th? Only 4 days and counting! You excited? I know I am!

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