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Nothin’ says, “F**k you Mother Nature” like goin’ to a book launch!

On Saturday April 13, 2013, Monarchy Of Blood was launched. When I woke up that morning I thought that wasn’t going to happen. What did I wake up to find? A spring blizzard! After a wonderful phone call from my mother, “Oh, it’s really bad out there. They are saying no one should be traveling on the roads. What are… (more…)


Well folks, the long awaited day is approaching quickly now. With Monarchy Of Blood currently at the printers, I’ve been getting ready and planning for the launch party. Here is the official invite! I am also planning on doing an on-line post-launch party, but that info will come in a couple weeks. I am too busy with trying to plan… (more…)

Hiccups…Vampires get indigestion!?

Well… there have been a few hiccups along the way for Monarchy of Blood: from having to go back to work, to life in general giving me a swift kick in the pants. But as I enter March, the light at the end of the tunnel is not only visible, I’m going to be bathing in it VERY soon! Yup,… (more…)

A vampire’s love…

It’s Valentines day tomorrow. It’s that time of year where some love, and others love to hate it. Me? I’m not much of a romantic, so my hopes are never that high. (lol) HOWEVER, with that said, I guess I wouldn’t scoff at getting flowers or being taken out to dinner.  *wink* Because I am working hard to get Monarchy… (more…)

Patience is a virtue

You know the old adage: Patience is a virtue? Well, that’s one virtue that I lack, I will be honest. Things have been going good with Monarchy Of Blood, the bar code has been acquired, the ISBN assigned, the book cover has just been completed. The editing however… the editing is taking longer then I planned. Sadly, with having to… (more…)

Trick or treat? Definitely a treat!

It sure is getting exciting, and a wee bit stressful around here, as the deadline draws closer and closer to completing Monarchy Of Blood. It officially has an ISBN and bar code. The book cover is in the works, which is always my favourite part with the fruition of a book. Still fine tuning the back cover blurb, but I… (more…)

Book Titles: Making or Breaking a Book

I thought that since I’m working on the 3rd instalment to my Vampire Saga, and that I recently came up with the title one night while writing, it got me thinking about book titles in general and figured why not blog about it? To me a book title is just as important as the cover. They should work together, visually… (more…)

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