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Death To Normalcy

On Saturday March 1st, for the third year in a row, I ran AMOK–Annual Melee Of Kidness. It’s organized by The Random Act. You may have heard me speak of them recently. They are who we (myself and OSS Tradeshows) are raising money for during the Eternal Nights vampire ball this coming October. I’m so excited! So much to look… (more…)

I’m geeky and I know it!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it my lovelies? My apologies. As usual, I’ve been very busy and, well, August alone was a crazy month! The geek that I am lavished in the mind wracking, body draining, sleep depriving GISHWHES–which I am a now a three time survivor of and helped break four world records, that I know of. Still waiting… (more…)

Running AMOK

Well, since I have a bit of free time while waiting for Monarchy Of Blood to be printed, I thought I’d do a wee post about my events last weekend. This past weekend  me and two friends ran AMOK. What’s AMOK you may ask? Well, it stands for Annual Melee Of Kindness. I had participated in it last year and… (more…)

The Amazing Maidens Of Karma took over the world! ..Well, maybe just a small part of Edmonton Alberta.

On March 4th, a friend and myself accepted the challenge to run #AMOK that was put forth from Random Acts. It was a bit of a cooler day, but the excitement to give to the SAFE team (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) overshadowed any shivers from the cold wind. What our main goal for that day was to not only donate… (more…)

I’m running AMOK, AMOK, AMOK!

Wow, March 1st already?! I swear it was January just yesterday! Time sure does fly by when one is planning on running #AMOK! What the hell is that you ask? In simple terms it’s a day of kindness. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, spend March 4th performing kind deeds for people in your… (more…)

GISHWHES — What the Hell is THAT!?

Just to warn y’all, this post has nothing to do with writing per-say, but it does relate to creativity and insanity — two things any writer can relate to! *wink* So why not come down memory lane with me and learn what it is like to film Snake Oil commercials and take photos of a “Wood fired Jacket.” This is… (more…)

My adventures in Vancouver (part II)

To be honest with ya’ll, the main reason I went to Vancouver back in August was for the Supernatural convention.  I figured, since I was going to be there, why not do a book signing.  So over all, it worked out well.  I even managed to go to a wedding too!  It was a busy couple weeks, but it was… (more…)

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